Quick update, I guess…

Hey friends,

I had a lot of fun playing Fiasco Playhouse last night. Thanks to everyone who came. Looks as though I’ll be there again this Thursday (Aug. 12) goofing around. Come by if you like, the line up for the show looks great. It is happening as a part of Summerworks and it takes place at the Lower Ossington Theatre (100A Ossington, just North of Queen)

I’ll also be performing on Aug 11th as a part of the Toronto Improv Summit. The kids from PROJECTproject will be there, I’ll also be causing trouble with a very short version of Catch23 as well as performing in another configuration  (one time only) called “The 5th Dimention”. I hear rumour of beer at this summit, so… yup.

I will be rapping on a show called Rap Battlezz on Aug 13th at Ye Olde Comedy Bar. I will be battling Gary Rideout Jr. I’m sure this will be one for the ages. The facebook event invite is HERE. And here is a short cartoon where gary and I run into each other on the street to discuss our battle.

Two more places you can see me? Fine. I’ll be at Bingo: The Show on Aug 15th. Then on Aug 14th the improv troupe that I direct will have their one year anniversary show with special guest improviser Colin Mochrie. The name of the group is The Classic Supremes and all the show info is here. Wait. Reverse the order of those. Ok, proceed.

There are a few more things that I’m working on that I can’t talk about just yet. I will update this page with info when i can/want to.

Still no word on Cannibal! The Musical. Stop asking.

And, as usual, you can catch me on the boards on Friday nights for Catch 23 and on Sunday nights for the Sketchersons both shows happen at ComedyBar.

Thank you for coming to my page. It’s very nice of you.


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