photo by David Leyes

Mark is a robot who has been programed to have feelings. However, he was bitten by a zombie. Now all he craves is companionship… companionship and brains. It’s all very confusing.

Mark Andrada is a Canadian Comedy Award winning performer/writer/director. On stage Mark originated the role of Swan/Chief in the World Premier of Trey Parker’s Cannibal! The Musical. He has also worked as a puppeteer for The Canadian Opera Company, and as a clown for Canadian Stage, Zero Gravity Circus, and (with a terrific amount of unsuccess and irony) at a comedy club called Clownz in Quezon City in the Philippines. Mark has performed sketch and improv comedy as a member of The Second City, and The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago. Film and TV appearances include: Man of the Year (Universal), Man Seeking Woman (FX), 12 Monkeys (Syfy), Rick Mercer Report (CBC), Odd Squad (PBS), Covert Affairs (NBC/USA Network). As a director, Mark is responsible for 2-Man No-Show parts 1 & 3 (do not blame him for part 2), as well as Sandra Battaglini’s Hard Headed Woman. Mark is also a dilettante lighting designer: Off Broadway On Stage (Angelwalk), Stephan Maccio In ConcertLouise Pitre and Jackie Richardson – Heart and Soul (Jeffrey Latimer Entertainment). One time, Mark designed the lights for Dinosaurs Unearthed! an animatronic dinosaur exhibit at the Detroit Science Centre. Neat, huh?  markandrada.com is rarely updated, but go for it!


It’s that time of year again…. TORONTO FRINGE FESTIVAL

You can catch Mark in Maddie’s Karaoke Birthday Party a site-specific new musical from Barbara Johnston, Suzy Wilde, and Byron Laviolette at the Monarch Tavern

Mark is also directing the improvised buddy comedy Chad Mallett at Factory Theatre’s Mainspace.

Furthermore, Mark is designing the lights for High Park Noir a Film Noir inspired piece about the animals in High Park. High Park Noir would LOVE IT if you donated to their FUND WHAT YOU CAN campaign! Here is a video about it:

Ugh. He already looks tired. (I don’t know why I’m speaking in the third person still. As if I have someone updating this for me and I’m not, in reality, currently slowly gtting drunk and mostly ignoring this interview for  TheSadCollective.com  that Chad Mallett is doing at a King St bar post rehearsal.)

After the fringe, Mark will lay down for a bit. …then he will resume his duties as the resident DJ of Toronto’s “most popular” Improv show Catch23 every Friday night at Comedy Bar. Sounds alright, right?

Catch 23