Big News. Well, maybe not big, but news none the less…

Hey Friends,

Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to and where you can catch me next. Busy times these are…

-Been in rehearsal for the past few weeks for a play reading for fu-GEN. The reading will take place at Factory Studio Theatre on May 6th at 8pm. Tix are $10. The play is called Dangling and it’s by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee. All the details are HERE. If you’re not on facebook, then the details are HERE.

-I’ve also been working with Gary Rideout Jr. on his one man show titled Beer League. The first public presentation of the show is coming up on May 8 (2010…obvs). It will happen at Comedy Bar. Advance tickets for this are available online though the Comedy Bar website or you can just CLICK ON THIS. If you really need to read more about this on facebook, then… good for you.

-I’m currently knee deep in designing Scott Thompson’s (of Kids In The Hall) one man show. It’s called Scottastrophe and will be playing at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre on May 15. Yup, one night only, so… you know. The show will be closing out We’re Funny That Way which has been billed as “North America’s premiere queer comedy festival”.  i believe you can get tix online, but I could be wrong. Either way all the info is HERE.

PROJECTproject’s COMBUSTIONfestival is quickly approaching. It’s Toronto’s only Improv Festival as far as I’m concerned. It’s also one hell of a good time. Details are available if you click on the previous hotlink. More about PROJECTproject if you click here. COMBUSTIONfestival takes place at Comedy Bar from May 24 – 29, 2010.

Death Ray Cabaret has a show in this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival and guess who’s directing it? If you guessed The Honky Tonk Man, you’d be wrong. If you guessed Kamala The Ugandan Warrior, you’d be closer. If you said me, CONGRATULATIONS. Death Ray Cabaret has a bunch of videos online, maybe you wanna look at their youtube page? This show will be happening June 30th – July 11th 2010.

-Still no word on Cannibal! The Musical. There have been rumours, but nothing official. I promise to keep you posted. Both of you. If you’re not up to speed, we’ve workshopped a new adaptation of the movie under the direction of Chris Bond who also directed Evil Dead The Musical. The rest is still pretty hushhush. I may have already said too much.

-And, as usual, you can find me on the boards at Comedy Bar on Friday nights for Catch 23 and on Sunday nights for The Sketcherson’s Sunday Night Live.

thanks for coming to my page and reading things,


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