Hello Friends

Yes, yes. Welcome. Hello.

Well, It’s nearly October and I don’t have much to say for myself. Here’s a video I did for/with The National Theatre Of The World. It’s really awful.

Speaking of awful, some of you may have heard rumblings that I’ve been working on an A capella album. Sadly, these rumbles are true. I was in the studio today (aka my livingroom) and finally finished another track. I’m looking at January. Should be done then. January too far away? Cry me a river.

This month you can catch me at Rap Battlezz on Oct.8th, and at Gong: The Show on Oct 22nd. And, as usual, you can find me on the boards on Friday nights for Catch 23 and on Sunday nights for The Sketcherson’s Sunday Night Live.  All of these things happen at COMEDY BAR.

ALSO I’ll be Djing on Halloween (also at comedy bar, good grief.) Halloween will be a day early this year to accommodate The Doctor of Style” Slick, who had a previous engagement for the Sunday. So come party on Saturday the 30th. Comedy Bar. Slick will be there. For Sure. If you already knew who Slick was, click here.

Hey, I know we have our differences sometimes, but thanks for coming to my page. You mean a lot to me.


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